July 2020



A meeting of Scothern Parish Council will be held remotely on Wednesday 15th July 2020 at 7.30pm.

Following the introduction of new legislation Councils are now able to hold their meetings remotely. The Parish Council will therefore be using Zoom online video conferencing to hold remote meetings, until further notice.

If you wish to attend the abovementioned remote meeting you will need to:

1) Email the Parish Clerk via scothernpc@yahoo.co.uk no later than noon on Monday 13th July 2020, to advise. You will then be sent an email with a link to enable you to access this meeting.

2) You will also need to register with Zoom and download the relevant software/app onto your computer, phone or ipad, in advance of the meeting. To do this go to https://zoom.us - press the ‘signup its free button’ and follow the onscreen guidance to register.

3) Approximately 10 minutes before the meeting is due to start, you should click the link detailed in the email sent to you from the Council. You may then be prompted to enter the User ID and password which will also be emailed to you.

Signed: L. Richardson

Clerk to the Council

8th July 2020


1) Housekeeping             

2) To approve the purchase of Zoom to enable to remote meetings to take place

3) External Reports

     a) Police report

     b) District Councillor Report

     c) County Councillor Report           

4) Public Session             

5) Apologies for Absence:              

6) Declarations of Interest (Pecuniary or Non-Pecuniary):              

7) Minutes of previous meetings - Notes of the Council Meeting held on 4th March 2020 – to receive, approve and sign as minutes. 

8) Update Reports:  

     a) To receive Chairmans Annual Report

     b) To receive an update regarding the Community Speed Initiative, including to receive an email from a resident regarding speeding on Heath Road.

     c) To discuss and take any necessary action regarding bus services in the village, including to receive the new CallConnect bus service timetable.

     d) To receive an update regarding the new Parish Council website.

9) To receive an update on the location of the 2nd defibrillator.  

10) Council Functions

      a) Playpark – To receive an update regarding new equipment and the annual safety play area inspections.

     b) To discuss and take any necessary action regarding the sanitation of the play area equipment in view of Covid-19.

     c) To receive a list of Councillor Responsibilities for discussion at a future meeting.

11) To discuss and take any necessary action regarding the Community Volunteer of the Year award.  

12) Financial matters

     a) Current financial statement

     b) To approve and sign the 2019-20 Annual Governance statements.

     c) To approve and sign the 2019-20 Annual Accounts Statements.

     d) To discuss and take any necessary action regarding the use of online banking for the payment of invoices.

     e) Invoices for payment to be agreed (all excluding VAT where appropriate: -

  • See attached list (payments agreed via email during Covid-19 pandemic)

  Supplier                                    Details                                Gross            VAT                      Net

  Rudies Roots                            Village plants                       743.40          123.90                  619.50

  Wildflower Shop                       Wild daffodil bulbs                127.94          21.32                    106.62

  Redfearn Grass Cutting            Grange Park Maintenance   125.00          0.00                      125.00

  Mrs L. Richardson                     Clerks salary and expenses 461.00         0.00                      461.00

  Multidata                                   Broadband                               38.92            0.00                      38.92

  Scothern Parish Council           Play area fund transfer        1500.00        0.00                      1500.00

  Welton Parish Council              Play area Inspection                20.00            0.00                      20.00

13) Highways and Maintenance

     a) Update report

     b) To receive an email from a resident regarding overgrown trees at the rear of The Alders.  

13) Planning matters:

     a) 141106 – Land at Dunholme Road – Planning application to change plot 26 from a 1no. 4 bed dwelling to 2no. dwellings (one four bed and one three bed) - Granted

     b) To receive an update regarding the Community Infrastructure Levy on the development on Langworth Road. 

14) Field paths - To discuss any maintenance due to the village field paths       

15) Reports

     a) Grange Park

     b) To receive update report

     c) To discuss and take any necessary action regarding recent tree works undertaken.

     d) Scothern Recreation Centre and Spirit of Scothern – receive update report        

16) Consultations

     a) To discuss and submit any comments regarding the consultation on a new model of conduct.

     b) To discuss and submit any comments regarding the Draft Licensing Policy consultation.

     c) To receive an update of the response to the NALC British Toilet association survey.  

17) Correspondence – for information only

  • LALC – Various e newsletters
  • Resident regarding speeding on Heath Road
  • Resident regarding overhanging trees
  • Scothern Recreation Centre regarding grass cutting
  • LCC – New website log in details and training course dates
  • LALC – Details of New Model Code of Conduct consultation
  • WLDC – Draft licensing policy consultation
  • Copies of Sudbrooke News
  • LCC – Details of A46 closure and new roundabout planning timetable
  • Resident regarding issues of slurry dumping
  • LCC – 2020-21 Grass Cutting contribution details
  • PKF Littlejohn – 2019-20 Audit information             

18) Next meeting - Wednesday 2nd September, unless matters arise requiring an earlier meeting.