January 2020 Agenda



To All Parish Councillors

You are hereby summoned to attend the Monthly Council Meeting of Scothern Parish Council on Wednesday 8th January 2020 commencing at 19:30 in The Methodist Church, Main Street, Scothern.

The first 15 minutes are open to the public where questions can be asked, or statements made.  All attendance is also required during this time.

Signed: L. Richardson

Clerk to the Council

2nd January 2020


1) Housekeeping         

2) External Reports

   a) Police report

   b) District Councillor Report

   c) County Councillor Report        

3) Public Session         

4) Apologies for Absence:          

5) Declarations of Interest (Pecuniary or Non-Pecuniary):          

6) Minutes of previous meetings - Notes of the Council Meeting held on 4th December 2019 – to receive, approve and sign as minutes.   

7) Update Reports:  

   a) To receive an update regarding the Community Speed Initiative

   b) To discuss and take any necessary action regarding bus services in the village.      

8) Council Functions:

  1. Playpark – To discuss and take any necessary action regarding email from Scothern Recreation Centre reference the surplus play area funds held.
  2. To discuss and take any necessary action regarding the boundary of Grange Park and properties to the East.
  3. To agree and adopt the Risk Assessment policy.
  4. To discuss and take any necessary action regarding the Clustering questionnaire results.
  5. To discuss and take any necessary action regarding Councillor training, including payment for the LALC Annual Training Scheme.

 9) Financial matters

  1. Current financial statement
  2. To resolve on the final 2020/21 precept figure and complete the necessary demand form for submission to WLDC.
  3. Invoices for payment to be agreed (all excluding VAT where appropriate):-

Payee                                            Detail                                                Gross          VAT         Net

Multidata                                     Broadband charges                            38.92         0.00         38.92

Mrs L Richardson                        Clerks Salary and expenses             461.00        0.00         461.00

Scothern Methodist Church     Room Hire                                              66.00         0.00         66.00    

10) Highways and Maintenance

a) Update report

11) Planning matters :-

a) To discuss and take any necessary action regarding Community Infrastructure Levy payment in respect of housing development off Langworth Road.

              b) Central Lincolnshire Local Plan Fact Check – To discuss and submit any comments.         

12) Field paths - To discuss any maintenance due to the village field paths     

13) Reports

  1. Grange Park – receive update report
  2. Scothern Recreation Centre and Spirit of Scothern – receive update report       

14) Compliance – non

15) Correspondence – for information only

- LALC – Weekly newsletter

 - WLDC – Meeting Schedule

16) Next meetings

              Monthly Meeting Wednesday 5th February 2020 at 7.30pm at the Methodist Church, Main Street, Scothern