January 2020




A meeting of Scothern Parish Council took place on Wednesday 8th January 2020 in the Methodist Church, Main Street, Scothern.

Present:                   Cllrs Mrs C Nicoll (Chair) (CJN), D Canton (DC), J Fotheringham (JLF),

and G Wiswould (GW).

In attendance:         Clerk, Mrs L Richardson



Housekeeping – Given by Chair




External Reports

  1. Police report – No crimes of note to minute
  2. District Councillor Report – Apologies received (attending WLDC Planning Committee). A written report was circulated prior to the meeting with the following information:
  • Annual cost for green waste bins has been frozen for another year.
  • Deadline for the WLDC Community Awards Scheme closes at 16.30 on 6th March 2020.
  • WLDC is once again attending the Lincolnshire Show.
  • New Chief Executive, Ian Knowles, takes up his new role next month.

New crematorium in Gainsborough will open later this month.

  1. County Councillor Report – None received






Public Session – None present



Apologies for Absence:

Proposed Cllr Fotheringham, seconded Cllr Wiswould and agreed by all to accept apologies and reasons for absence from Cllr Patchett.



Declarations of Interest (Pecuniary or Non-Pecuniary): None



Minutes of previous meetings

  1. Notes of the Council Meeting held on 4th December 2019 – to receive, approve and sign as minutes – Proposed Cllr Fotheringham, seconded Cllr Canton and agreed by all that the notes of the last meeting be approved and signed by the Chair.




Update Reports:  

  1. To receive an update regarding the Community Speed Initiative – DC to meet with Chair of Scothern Recreation Centre (SRC) to discuss location of the storage unit for the equipment.  Clerk to produce notice for box advising that no valuables or firearms are stored within the unit.
  2. To discuss and take any necessary action regarding bus services in the village – Noted review of bus services to be undertaken by Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) in March which could result in the bus stop/shelter on Dunholme Road being utilised.  LCC to be asked to consider the size of the buses being used to ensure all passengers can be carried on all journeys, to include providing service between Welton and Scothern to allow passengers to visit the nursing home and businesses in Scothern and Scothern and Welton to allow passengers to visit the medical practice, dentist, vets and other services.







Council Functions:

  1. Playpark – To discuss and take any necessary action regarding email from Scothern Recreation Centre reference the surplus play area funds held, and the purchase of additional equipment – Cllr Fotheringham to meet Playdays to discuss additional equipment provision in the play area. Quotations to be tabled at future meeting.
  2. To discuss and take any necessary action regarding the boundary of Grange Park and properties to the East –letter of clarification has been sent to the Land Registry on behalf of the residents affected.  This item can now be removed from the agenda as no further action can be taken.
  3. To agree and adopt the Risk Assessment policy – Proposed Cllr Wiswould, seconded Cllr Fotheringham and agreed by all to include a statement about adequate insurance provision for Councillors, volunteers etc when acting on behalf of the Council.

Proposed Cllr Wiswould, seconded Cllr Canton and agreed by all to adopt



















the revised policy. 

Cllr Mrs Nicoll will format to the Council template for circulation to Councillors.

  1. To discuss and take any necessary action regarding the Council Clustering questionnaire results – Cllrs Mrs Nicoll and Fotheringham will attend proposed meeting in relation to possible local council clustering when date published.
  2. To discuss and take any necessary action regarding Councillor training, including payment for the Lincolnshire Association of Local Councils (LALC) Annual Training Scheme – Proposed Cllr Wiswould, seconded Cllr Fotheringham and agreed by all to subscribe to the LALC Annual Training Scheme for 2020/21 for a cost of £100 excluding VAT.

Details of available training to be circulated to Councillors. Clerk to be advised to enable chosen courses to be booked.



Financial matters

  1. Current financial statement – Cllr Mrs Nicoll requested that finance details are circulated to Councillors by the Monday before the meeting at the latest to allow councillors to review. 

Cheque received from Agrex Ltd for the village planters has not cleared.  The Clerk will contact Agrex finance department to request a replacement cheque.

Proposed Cllr Fotheringham, seconded Cllr Canton and agreed by all to accept the current financial position subject to investigation into the planter donation income and play area fund reconciliation.

  1. To resolve on the final 2020/21 precept figure and complete the necessary demand form for submission to WLDC – Proposed Cllr Canton, seconded Cllr Fotheringham and agreed by all to request a final precept figure of £25427.  The form was signed by the Chair and counter signed by Cllrs Fotheringham and Wiswould.
  2. Invoices for payment to be agreed (all excluding VAT where appropriate: -

Proposed Cllr Canton, seconded Cllr Wiswould and agreed by all to make the following payments -

Payee                 Detail                                Gross        VAT         Net

Multidata            Broadband charges             38.92        0.00        38.92

     Mrs L Richardson Clerks Salary and expenses 461.00      0.00        461.00

     Methodist Church Room Hire                         66.00        0.00        66.00

    Glendale              Village Maintenance            330.00     55.00        275.00












Highways and Maintenance

  1. Update report –
  • Potholes on Dunholme Road have been filled in, several others have been reported.
  • Still waiting for the road sweeper to visit the village.
  • LCC to be requested that footpath on east side of Sudbrooke Road be reinstated to the full width to ensure safety of users; reference to LCC policy to encourage walking/cycling to be made.  County, District Councillors and Sudbrooke Parish Council to be asked to support request.







Planning matters:

  1. Planning application 142075 – The Old Stables, 42 Sudbrooke Road – Mark Harris Commercials change of use of existing agricultural land to accommodate proposed erection of a new portal framed production unit and workshop, including reconfiguration of existing buildings and alterations and widening of the principle vehicular entrance – not yet determined
  2. To discuss and take any necessary action regarding Community Infrastructure Levy payment in respect of housing development off Langworth Road – WLDC have sent an invoice to the developer for the CIL payment.  Noted WLDC advised that CIL payment is payable for Langworth Road development following planning application amendments. Noted payments are made to eligible parishes in April and November
  3. Central Lincolnshire Local Plan Fact Check – To discuss and submit any comments – Proposed Cllr Fotheringham, seconded Cllr Wiswould and





agreed by all to submit the following comments

  • Dwellings in April 2018 approximately 361.

Homes with permission in April 2018 should be 41.



Field paths

  1. To discuss any maintenance due to the village field paths – No action needed




  1. Grange Park – receive update report
  • A request to place a memorial bench has been received and is currently being considered by management group.
  • Next meeting 2 March 2020.
  1. Scothern Recreation Centre and Spirit of Scothern – receive update report
  • No meeting has been held in January 2020.
  • Flix in the Stix well attended, projector is now ceiling mounted.



Compliance – none



Correspondence – for information only

  • LALC – Weekly newsletter
  • WLDC – Meeting Schedule



Next meeting

  • Monthly Meeting Wednesday 5th February 2020 at 7.30pm at the Methodist Church, Main Street, Scothern



Meeting closed: 20.57








Signed (Chairman) …………………………………………………….. 5th February 2020