October 2020




A meeting of Scothern Parish Council was held remotely on Wednesday 7th October 2020 commencing at 19:30 – residents had been given the opportunity to obtain the link to join the meeting.

Present:                   Cllrs Mrs C Nicoll (Chair)(CJN), D Canton (DC), J Fotheringham (JLF) and BR Patchett (BP)

In attendance:         Clerk, Mrs L Richardson

66.20             Housekeeping

67.20            External Reports

  1. Police report – report received after meeting
  • Current priorities in the area are Anti-social behaviour at Manor Park, Welton and speeding along Honeyholes Lane in Dunholme
  • Regular routine checks are being carried out around village halls due to an increase in anti-social behaviour.
  • There are a lot of Covid-19 breaches being reported in Lincoln.
  • Speeding is a hot topic and regular checks are carried out in hotspot areas.
  • Police surgeries are not taking place at the minute due to Covid-19 restrictions in place.
  1. District Councillor Report – Apologies received from Cllr Waller - report submitted:
  • Meetings are taking place regarding the latest Government White Paper on Planning.
  • Contacts were given for Councillors who may be able to assist with the review of the Neighbourhood Plan when needed.
  • Confirmation is being chased up for if CIL payments are due for extensions to some properties within the village.
  1. County Councillor Report – None received

68.20      Public Session – None

69.20      Apologies for Absence: Proposed Cllr Fotheringham, seconded Cllr Patchett and agreed by all to accept apologies and reasons for absence from Cllr Wiswould.

70.20      Declarations of Interest (Pecuniary or Non-Pecuniary):

71.20      Minutes of previous meetings

  1. Notes of the Council Meeting held on 2nd September 2020 – to receive, approve and sign as minutes – Proposed Cllr Fotheringham, seconded Cllr Canton, agreed and signed by the Chair as accurate record.

72.20  Update Reports:  

  1. To receive an update regarding the Community Speed Initiative – 338 offenders have been reported since the beginning of the scheme. 

Costs for electronic speed sign investigated and three quotations received at around £3000 each. Cllr Waller to be approached for possible funding through the District Councillor Initiative fund. Quotations to be distributed to Councillors for review prior to next meeting.  Cllr Mrs Nicoll and the Clerk will investigate the Council finances for any reserves available.  Clerk will contact Nettleham Parish Council for details of supplier of sign at Nettleham.  Agreed that the best options would be solar powered devices and should include an analysis mechanism.

  1. To receive an email and update regarding cycling on Chapel Walk – confirmed by Lincolnshire County Council that cycling is prohibited on Chapel Walk. Noted Parish Council do not have any powers of enforcement – confirmation to be published on Council Facebook page, website in the newsletter and the resident will be advised it is a police matter.
  2. To receive an update regarding the new Parish Council website – The new website has been built by the Clerk and published by Lincolnshire County Council.  Lincolnshire County Council advised to delete the old website and domain.  The new link has been added to the original “scothern.org” domain to redirect residents.  This will be advertised on Council’s Facebook page.



73.20  Council Functions:

  1. Playpark – To receive an update regarding the annual safety play area inspections and take any necessary action – Playdays contacted RoSPA regarding the new slide equipment to discuss RoSPA comments.  It has been decided that no further action is required to this particular piece of equipment.  Playdays to submit quotation for other works recommended by RoSPA.
  2. To discuss and take any necessary action regarding the reduction of the village bus service – Proposed Cllr Canton, seconded Cllr Patchett and agreed by all to contact LCC expressing the Parish Council’s disappointment in the reduction, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, of the service and it is hoped that once public transport can be resumed further assessment will take place of the CallConnect timetabled service.
  3. To discuss and take any necessary action regarding the annual Christmas event – Proposed Cllr Fotheringham, seconded Cllr Patchett and agreed by all; Cllr Patchett will contact the Headteacher at the primary school to arrange an event of some kind and arrange the date for the Christmas tree to be lit. Cllr Patchett will arrange for the Christmas tree lights to be PAT tested.

74.20     Financial matters

  1. Current financial statement – Proposed Cllr Canton, seconded Cllr Fotheringham and agreed by all to accept the current financial statement.
  2. To discuss and take any necessary action regarding the 2021/22 budget preparation – No update to minute.
  3. To discuss and take any necessary action regarding the 2019/20 audit return – No update to minute.
  4. To decide upon the purchase of a Remembrance Wreath – Proposed Cllr Canton, seconded Cllr Patchett and agreed by all to purchase a remembrance wreath at a cost of £25.  Cllr Mrs Nicoll will lay the wreath as in previous years however this year the wreath laying will be recorded for a benefice remembrance service to be available social media.
  5. To agree Clerks salary increase in line with National pay scales – Proposed Cllr Fotheringham, seconded Cllr Canton and agreed by all to approve the statutory increase in the Clerks salary effective from 1 April 2020.  Agreed monthly standing order to be amended as necessary.
  6. Invoices for payment to be agreed:

Proposed Cllr Canton, seconded Cllr Patchett and agreed by all to make the following payments


Supplier                                      Details                                  Gross                   VAT                          Net

Multidata (October)                       Broadband                                 38.92                   0.00                     38.92

Mrs L Richardson (October)         Clerks Salary, broadband/

                                                             Use of house as office             461.00                   0.00                    461.00

             Redfearns Grass Cutting               Orchard Grass Cutting             125.00                    0.00                  125.00

Cllrs Mrs C Nicoll                           Printer toner                               47.99                    8.00                   39.99

Welton Parish Council                   Play Area Inspection                  20.00                    0.00                    20.00

Glendale                                        Grass Cutting                          687.88                114.64                   573.24

Glendale                                      Grass Cutting                        1021.87                 170.32                   851.55

Royal British Legion                      Remembrance Wreath               25.00                     0.00                    25.00

                       Mrs L Richardson                          Salary increase back pay           73.71                           0.00                              73.71

75.20            Highways and Maintenance

  1. Update report – Email has been received from a resident regarding overhanging trees on Dunholme Road, Cllr Fotheringham has cut these back, it was also noted that the beck needed clearing out.  Email has been sent to Witham Internal Drainage Board and Glendale to request the necessary maintenance work to the beck is carried out as soon as possible.
  2. To review and take any necessary action regarding the 2021/22 grass cutting and village maintenance schedule, prior to tender process – Proposed Cllr Fotheringham, seconded Cllr Canton and agreed by all to approve the schedule and send out for tender.
    1.           Planning matters:
  1. 141292 - Land adjacent to Ashlin Farm Barns, Ashing Lane, Dunholme - Planning application for the erection of 19no. holiday lets, proposed reception building, excavation of wildlife lake and associated landscaping – Undergoing public consultation.

141311 - 19 Heathlea Scothern - Planning application for conservatory on the side of dwelling - Granted

141496 – 28 Sudbrooke Road – Planning application for two storey side extension – Granted

141579 – Hall Farm, West Drive, Sudbrooke – Planning application for erection of agricultural storage building – to discuss and submit any comments to WLDC – Proposed Cllr Fotheringham, seconded Cllr Canton and agreed by all to submit no comments in relation to this application.

  1. To receive an update regarding the Community Infrastructure Levy on the development on Langworth Road – It is hoped that this payment will be received at the end of October 2020.

77.20      Field paths

  1. To discuss any maintenance due to the village field paths – noted some footpaths need reinstating – Councillors will review at next meeting.

78.20  Consultations - To discuss and submit any comments regarding the School Admissions consultation – No comments to make.

79.20  Report

  1. Grange Park
  • To receive update report – Cllr Mrs Nicoll confirmed the following:
    • A meeting was held on 14th September 2020
    • A survey of the trees will take place shortly for maintenance works in the Autumn
    • The lime tree damaged by contractors is being monitored and may need replacing.
    • 250 more daffodil bulbs have been purchased and will be planted when weather allows.
  • To discuss and take any necessary action regarding the purchase of replacement seating; noted two of the three seats at the eastern end of Grange Park are in poor condition and present a health and safety issue, the third seat is also in poor condition.

      The cost of replacing these seats including soft ground fixings and installation is approximately £1500. Proposed Cllr Fotheringham, seconded Cllr Patchett and agreed by all to contribute £1000  from the community fund for replacement seats, with the remaining balance met from the Grange Park earmarked reserves.

  1. Scothern Recreation Centre and Spirit of Scothern – receive update report
  • Flix in the Stix is not able to continue due to Coronavirus pandemic.
  • Zumba classes can no longer be held in the hall.
  • Some of the flooring needs repairing.
  • No action to be taken in relation to the RoSPA recommendation to paint the handgate to the playarea.

80.20            Correspondence – for information only

  • LALC – Various e newsletters
  • Playdays – Various emails regarding play area inspection report
  • LCC – Confirmation details regarding cycling on Field footpaths
  • LCC – Launch of NHS Track and Trace app
  • LALC – Various coronavirus updates
  • LCC – Update regarding new A46 round a bout
  • Resident – Email regarding missed grass cutting
  • LALC – Annual report
  • Land Registry – Update regarding Grange Park boundary line
  • LALC – Updated pay scales

81.20  Next meeting

  • Wednesday 3rd November 2020


Meeting closed: 20.44


Signed (Chairman) ……………………………………… 4th November 2020