September 2020



A meeting of Scothern Parish Council was held remotely on Wednesday 2nd September 2020 at 19:30.

Present:                  Cllrs Mrs C Nicoll (Chair), D Canton, J Fotheringham and G Wiswould.

In attendance:         County Cllr S Rawlins

Clerk:                      Mrs L Richardson

66.20    Housekeeping

67.20    External Reports

  1. Police report – None received
  2. District Councillor Report – None received
  3. County Councillor Report –
  • Lincs CC not looking at members and staff to be working in the office until at least the end of the year.
  • Adult social care contracts currently being reviewed, including budget monetary reports.
  • A full council meeting to take place remotely on 18 September 2020.
  • The A46 roundabout construction is on target and the road open during the day with traffic control measures in place with night-time road closures. The main alignment of the roundabout will be started early next year, with completion hoped for Spring 2021.  Some local complaints have been received regarding traffic and heavy vehicles through the village, which are being passed onto the relevant department.
  • The restructure of Local Government is still in debate in parliament.
  • Lincoln Castle outdoor cinema resumes from 16 September 2020.
  • Lincolnshire Covid-19 rates are still low, with the only exception being the outbreak at a Newark factory.

68.20    Public Session – None present

69.20    Apologies for Absence: Proposed Cllr Fotheringham, seconded Cllr Canton and agreed by all to accept apologies and reasons for absence from Cllr Patchett.

70.20    Declarations of Interest (Pecuniary or Non-Pecuniary): None

71.20  Minutes of previous meetings

  1. Notes of the Council Meeting held on 15th July 2020 – to receive, approve and sign as minutes – Proposed Cllr Fotheringham, seconded Cllr Canton and agreed by all to sign the notes of the last meeting as a true record; signed by the Chair following agreement to amend Minute 59.20 by adding “seconded by Cllr Patchett”.

72.20  Update Reports:  

  1. To receive an update regarding the Community Speed Initiative – Cllr Canton has been in touch with Dave Mitchell, Road Safety Partnership to review a new site of Heath Road/Nettleham Road as a point for the speed watch group;  to be reviewed following a site visit by Dave Mitchell; also asked  if the 30mph sign on Heath Road could be moved further away from the houses – no reply has yet been received.

A letter has been received from Lincolnshire Police to thank the volunteers for their help and notification that a support officer may soon be available to the group.

296 speeding offenders have been reported with 12 reoffenders. Main Street and Dunholme Road are capturing the most offenders.

Cllr Mrs Nicoll has presented the Annual Community Volunteer Award to the group.

Clerk and Cllr Canton will investigate the costs of electronic speed signs for the village and advertise for more volunteers for the group.

  1. To receive an email and update regarding cycling on Chapel Walk –Police currently looking into this and will advise when update is available.  Clerk to contact Lincs CC to see if there is a prohibition on that fieldpath before any further action can be taken.
  2. To receive an update regarding the new Parish Council website – The new website is now finalised – link to be sent to Councillors to look through and check before “going live”  to the public.  Cllrs Mrs Nicoll and Canton agreed to review website prior to publication


  1. To receive an update regarding a refund for the 2nd defibrillator - Refund for the 2nd defibrillator has been received.  This can now be removed from the agenda.

73.20  Council Functions:

  1. Playpark – To receive an update regarding new equipment and the annual safety play area inspections and take any necessary action – RoSPA safety inspection has been received and reviewed.  Proposed Cllr Fotheringham, seconded Cllr Wiswould and agreed by all to forward the report to Play Days to request a quotation for the necessary repairs and a response to the comments made in relation to the recently installed new equipment (excluding the access gate and old benches as these are owned by the Recreation Centre).

A copy of the report to be sent to the Village Hall for information and a request to undertake the necessary remedial work to the access gate and benches.

Clerk to email Glendale to request that more care is taken when strimming as play equipment is being damaged.

  1. To discuss and take any necessary action regarding the transfer of payment for the domain name – Proposed Cllr Wiswould, seconded Cllr Canton and agreed by all not to retain the domain name as it is no longer used.  Clerk to advise Dave Black and request that renewal fees are not paid. Thanks expressed to Dave Black for maintaining the historic website.
  2. To decide upon Councillor responsibilities – Cllr Wiswould agreed to join the HR group and the field footpath group.  All other responsibilities remained the same.
  3. To receive an email from a resident regarding CCTV in the village – No further action to be taken due to prohibitive costs.
  4. To discuss the possibility of setting up a Neighbourhood Watch area on Heath Road –noted resident should arrange this directly with the Police. Clerk to advise the resident.

74.20 Financial matters

  1. Current financial statement – Proposed Cllr Fotheringham, seconded Cllr Canton and agreed by all to accept the current financial statement subject to minor adjustments which do not affect the overall financial position.
  2. To discuss and take any necessary action regarding the 2021/22 budget preparation – Proposed Cllr Fotheringham, seconded Cllr Canton and agreed by all to set up a working group of Cllrs Mrs Nicoll and Fotheringham and the Clerk to propose a draft budget for presentation, discussion and approval at a future meeting.
  3. To discuss and take any necessary action regarding the 2019/20 audit return – Confirmation of submission of the annual audit has been received.  No further update has been received.
  4. Invoices for payment to be agreeed:

Proposed Cllr Fotheringham, seconded Cllr Wiswould and agreed by all to make the following payments:


Supplier                 Details                                                                                   Gross                              VAT                               Net

Multidata                 Broadband (August)                                                               38.92                               0.00                               38.92

Mrs L Richardson      Clerks Salary/Expenses August                                         461.00                               0.00                              461.00

Glendale                  Grass cutting etc                                                                   901.85                            150.30                             751.55

Time Assured Ltd     Church Clock Repairs                                                           780.00                               130.00                          650.00

Play Days                Play Area Equipment                                                            5220.00                               870.00                        4350.00

Multidata                 Broadband (September)                                                            38.92                               0.00                                38.92

Mrs L Richardson      Clerks Salary/Expenses September                                      461.00                              0.00                               461.00

Mrs C. Nicoll            Community Volunteer Award (reimbursement)                        100.00                                 4.76                               95.24

Mrs P Sargeant        Bus Shelter cleaning (2nd quarter)                                           250.00                               0.00                               250.00

RoSPA                     Annual play equipment inspection                                             120.00                               20.00                             100.00

Glendale                  Grass cutting etc                                                                      1424.10                               237.36                          1186.74


75.20  Highways and Maintenance

  1. Update report – Agreed Clerk sign and submit annual amenity grass cutting contribution contract and return to LCC.

Agreed Cllr Fotheringham approach LCC regarding the state of the cycle path from Nettleham towards Lincoln.



76.20  Planning matters:

  1. 141292 - Land adjacent to Ashlin Farm Barns, Ashing Lane, Dunholme - Planning application for the   erection of 19no. holiday lets, proposed reception building, excavation of wildlife lake and associated landscaping – Undergoing public consultation.
  2. 141311 - 19 Heathlea Scothern - Planning application for conservatory on the side of dwelling – Granted
  3. 141496 – 28 Sudbrooke Road – Planning application for two storey side extension – to discuss and submit any comments to WLDC - agreed application be supported.
  4. To receive an update regarding the Community Infrastructure Levy on the development on Langworth Road – noted payment should be received soon.  Clerk asked to contact District Cllr Waller to see if CIL payments are due to extensions of houses and the additional house being built on the Dunholme Road development.

77.20  Field paths

  1. To discuss any maintenance due to the village field paths – No update

78.20  Reports

  1. Grange Park
  • To receive update report
  • General maintenance work being planned
  • Noted no reply from Barber Farms regarding works to fencing/leylandii trees etc
  • The Ellison apple tree planted for Queen Elizabeth IIs Diamond Jubilee is fruiting well
  1. Scothern Recreation Centre and Spirit of Scothern – receive update report
  • No update to minute, the next meeting is due to be held next week.

79.20  Correspondence – for information only

  • LALC – Various enewsletters
  • PKF Littlejohn – Confirmation of 2019-20 Audit information submission
  • LCC – Details of next stage A46 road closure
  • LCC – Grass Cutting Parish Agreement details
  • Dave Black – domain name payment transfer details
  • Welton Parish Council – Email requesting feedback re Speed watch initiative
  • LALC – Remote meeting legislation update

80.20  Next meetings

  • Wednesday 7th October 2020



Meeting closed 21.04

Signed (Chairman) ………………………………………………. 7th October 2020