March 2020



A meeting of Scothern Parish Council took place on Wednesday 11th March 2020 in the Methodist Church, Main Street, Scothern.

Present:                   Cllrs J Fotheringham (JLF) (Vice-Chair), D Canton (DC), B Patchett and G Wiswould (GW)

In attendance:         District Councillor Bob Waller and 1 member of the public

Clerk                       Mrs L Richardson


33.20     Housekeeping             

34.20     External Reports

               a) Police report – None received

               b) District Councillor Report

  • WLDC  budget was put to full WLDC council meeting and agreed on 2nd March 2020. 
  • Council tax has been kept at a rise of around 2%, which is the lowest in the area
  • £870,000 has been put into a contingency fund for emergencies such as flooding.
  • Some money has been taken out of the reserves to enable green waste to be collected an additional twice per year at no extra cost to the public.
  •  group of WLDC staff visiting all the Primary Schools in the area to educate pupils on recycling.
  • Sudbrooke Neighbourhood Plan has been agreed and adopted at WLDC council meeting on 2nd March 2020.
  • £355.50 has been awarded to Scothern Parish Council from the District Councillor Initiative fund towards the new information boards in the old phone box.
  • WLDC lottery started this week – further advertising will take place in the near future.

County Councillor Report – None received   

35.20     Public Session – It has been rumoured that Stagecoach is looking to cancel the early morning and late afternoon buses that students and employees rely on to get to and from the village to Lincoln.  Could the Council make representation to see if this is true and if so, try to get a replacement by CallConnect.             

36.20     Apologies for Absence: Proposed Cllr Patchett, seconded Cllr Canton and agreed by all to accept apologies and reasons for absence from Cllr Mrs Nicoll.             

37.20     Declarations of Interest (Pecuniary or Non-Pecuniary): None             

38.20     Minutes of previous meetings

Notes of the Council Meeting held on 5th February 2020 – to receive, approve and sign as minutes – Proposed Cllr Patchett, seconded Cllr Canton and agreed by all that the notes of the last meeting be approved and signed by the Chair.             

39.20     Update Reports:  

               a) To receive an update regarding the Community Speed Initiative – No sessions have taken place over the last month due to adverse weather conditions.  Storage box has                       now been secured to the wall in the Village Hall and a key holder list has been produced.  Cllr Canton will forward this list to the Clerk to advise the Village Hall committee.

               b) To discuss and take any necessary action regarding bus services in the village – No action is currently needed.  The issue raised in the public session will be monitored and                dealt with as and if it becomes official. 

40.20     Council Functions:

               a) Playpark – To discuss and take any necessary action regarding email from Scothern Recreation Centre reference the surplus play area funds held – Proposed Cllr            Wiswould, seconded Cllr Patchett and agreed by all to accept a quote from Playdays for a wooden fort and slide totalling £4350.  £2259 will come from money being held by      Scothern Recreation Centre on behalf of the Parish Council and the remaining £2091 will be earmarked from the surplus Community Fund budget to the Play Area reserved funds.  This is subject to a picture of the equipment being received prior to placing the order.

              b) To agree and adopt the Data Breach Policy – Proposed Cllr Canton, seconded Cllr Wiswould and agreed by all to adopt the Data Breach Policy.             

41.20     Financial matters

               a) Current financial statement – Proposed Cllr Patchett, seconded Cllr Wiswould and agreed by all to accept the current financial statement.

               b) Invoices for payment to be agreed.  Proposed Cllr Patchett, seconded Cllr Wiswould and agreed by all to make the following payments-

Payee                                         Detail                                               Gross       VAT        Net

Multidata                                  Broadband charges                               38.92       0.00       38.92

Mrs L Richardson                      Clerks Salary and expenses              461.00       0.00       461.00

Allen Signs                                 Phone box Information Signs            426.60       71.10     355.50

Lisa Wallis                                  Production of info signs                     725.00       0.00       725.00

J. Fotheringham                        Rope for restricted parking                   19.98       0.00       19.98

D. Canton                                 Duplicate key cut (speed equip)            44.00       0.00       44.00

Scothern Methodist Church     Room Hire (4th quarter)                          66.00       0.00       66.00  

      Mrs P Sargeant                        Bus Shelter Cleaning (4th quarter)          200.00              0.00              200.00                

42.20     Highways and Maintenance

             a) Update report – Cllr Fotheringham gave the following update

  • Various potholes have been reported and chased up for maintenance asap.  A reply has been received to state that no date for the maintenance is yet known to fill the potholes.  An update regarding this will be put on the Parish Council Facebook page to make residents aware.
  • Parking on Dunholme Road footpath has been reported to the Police and fencing has been erected on the grass side of the path.  District Cllr Waller was asked to check the planning conditions to establish if parking on site was a condition of the application.
  • The noticeboard, seating and guttering will be put on the new bus stop within the next few weeks.
  • An email was received last month requesting a footpath to Dunholme, costing for this has been approximated at £900,000 by Lincolnshire County Council and therefore not a viable option.
  • Sudbrooke Road footpath – An email has been received by Sudbrooke Parish Council to state that the request to widen the Sudbrooke Road footpath has been rejected as it is not seen as necessary maintenance at this time and a low priority.  Proposed Cllr Wiswould, seconded Cllr Canton and agreed by all to contact the School Routes Suitability Officer and copy in District Cllr Waller and County Cllr Sue Rawlins.
  • Communications are in place to carry out the Best Kept Garden competition once again.

              b) To receive an email from a resident regarding maintenance required to Dunholme Road - An update regarding this will be put on the Parish Council Facebook page to make      residents aware that the road will be resurfaced once the development has been finished.  Until then potholes and necessary maintenance is being reported on a regular basis.  The gullies are all full and require maintaining, Cllr Fotheringham will also report this.

43.20     Planning matters:

              a) 140275 – The Old Stables, 42 Sudbrooke Road – Mark Harris Commercials change of use of existing agricultural land to accommodate proposed erection of a new portal     framed production unit and workshop, including reconfiguration of existing buildings and alterations and widening of the principle vehicular entrance – Granted – Proposed Cllr Canton, seconded Cllr Wiswould and agreed by all to contact WLDC to request the Parish Council are involved in the “Approved Rainwater Scheme” due to local knowledge held by Councillors.  District Cllr Waller will also ask the planning officer if this is possible.

             b) To receive an update regarding the Community Infrastructure Levy on the development on Langworth Road – The Clerk will chase up payment from WLDC.             

44.20     Field paths - To discuss any maintenance due to the village field paths – No update to minute             

45.20     Reports

               a) Grange Park – receive update report – There has been another faller tree in the area.  The Clerk emailed Barbers Farm to advise; response received indicating will be dealt     with when the weather and ground become better.

             b) Scothern Recreation Centre and Spirit of Scothern – receive update report

  • Updated financial position was circulated.
  • Fundraising is still going very well with events being well attended.

The 200 Club scheme is not going ahead.             

46.20     Consultations

              a) To discuss and submit any comments regarding the Parish Charter Consultation – No comments to make.             

47.20     Correspondence – for information only

  • LALC – Weekly newsletter
  • CPRE – Discontinuation of Best Kept Village competition             

48.20     Next meetings

  • Annual Parish Meeting Wednesday 1st April 2020 at 7.30pm at the Methodist Church, Main Street, Scothern

Monthly Meeting Wednesday 1st April 2020 at 8.00pm at the Methodist Church, Main Street, Scothern                           


Meeting Closed: 20:53