Reasons not to become a Councillor?


I’m too young.

Anyone aged 18 or over is eligible providing they are on the Electoral Register.

I’m too old.

There is no upper age limit.

I don’t have the time

On average 1-3 hours per week is needed.   Meetings are once a month on the first Wednesday of each month except August.   With a valid reason for absence, missing some meetings is acceptable.

I’m too lazy – not interested in my community

Don’t bother!

Everyone on the council is old

Come and see – we all have a “young” outlook and certainly don’t fall into the “old” bracket.   Otherwise come and join us and lower the average age!

I prefer to let others do the work and then complain at what they are doing (or not!)

 A valid reason for not offering yourself for election but bear in mind that expressing your views in the local pub, rather than Council meetings, will not change a thing in Scothern.   If you can’t be bothered does that mean it’s fair to criticise those people who are bothered!

I haven’t lived here long

As long as you have been in the village for a year, either as a resident, owning a business or owning land or other asset then you are eligible providing you are on the Electoral Register.   The views of “incomers” are valued as very often they see things that people who have been in the village for donkey’s years don’t.