Bus Service Reduction - LCC

Note from Lincolnshire County Council - September 2020

I am writing to the parish council to advise that due to very low usage, Stagecoach have made the decision to withdraw the 11A journeys at peak time between Scothern and Lincoln on Monday to Saturdays. Covid-19 has clearly significantly affected usage of local bus services and Stagecoach have made this decision in a very challenging environment.

I should also add that the usage of the timetabled CallConnect 11A journeys is also very low. For example, last week the 11A only carried 15 passengers all week which is averaging just two people a day. Like Stagecoach, this level of usage cannot be sustained and does not warrant a traditional timetabled service at present. In addition the timetabled journeys are blocking out other passengers from using CallConnect when many 11A journeys are carrying zero passengers. Therefore if passenger numbers do not significantly increase in the next few weeks, the remaining timetabled journeys will also be removed at the end of October however the `on-demand` CallConnect service would still be available for people to use for journeys to and from Lincoln. The on-demand provision will then remain in place until such a time that passenger numbers increase and warrant a timetabled service.