February 2021 Article


A brief outline from the monthly Council meeting held on Wednesday 6th January 2021.

               NEW MEETING DATES




Due to the current climate with Covid-19 restrictions in place, this meeting was held remotely via Zoom.  Until a time that the Parish Council are told they can meet face to face again, this is how future meetings will be held, in accordance with the normal monthly meeting calendar ie, the first Wednesday of each month.

New Website

The New Parish Council website it now live – a lot of information and useful links have been added to the page.  Hopefully, people will agree it is a big improvement to the last website.  If there is anything you think should be on the website, or if you run a group and would like information adding on, please let the Clerk know.  The old website has now been fully turned off and has no content on it.  The new website can also be found on Google.


The Beck

The annual beck clearance by Third Witham Drainage has been undertaken.

Speed Awareness Scheme

Due to Government restrictions and Lockdown 3.0, volunteers have been unable to undertake any speeding sessions lately.  They are ready to go once the restrictions are lifted.   If you would like to join the team, please contact the Clerk or Councillor Derek Canton for more information.  Full training and equipment are provided.

A quote has been agreed to purchase some new speed indicator signs for the village – these are the ones that flash up your speed to let you know if you need to slow down in the village.  It has taken a lot of time for Cllr Canton to get all the information and prices, but we are there and hope to have these installed as soon as possible.

Lincolnshire Co-Op Community Champions

We have been selected as a finalist for the Lincolnshire Co-Op Community Champions.  A grant was applied for to help cover the costs of the new benches for Grange Park.  Voting opens on Monday 18th January 2021 until 31st January 2021 and anyone who is a Co-Op member can vote.  Simply go to www.lincolnshire.coop/ccvote . This link will not work until 18th January 2021.

Please vote for us to help improve the village.

Parish Magazine

A grant request of £250 was agreed at the last meeting for the Scothern Parish Magazine Committee.  This is to ensure the long-term availability of the magazine to residents.

Village Maintenance

A quote has been accepted to maintain the overgrown hedges and brambles from near The Alders towards the Grange Park field.  This area is very overgrown and hopefully a good clear-out will make it look much better.

Covid-19 Updates

The Parish Council are receiving a lot of updates regarding Covid-19 restrictions, vaccinations and test sites.  Any information that is received is included on the Facebook page and uploaded to the Council website page.  If you require any information and cannot find it, please do contact the Clerk will will try to assist you as best as possible.

Dog Fouling

Please ensure you pick up after your dog.  Stricter measures have been put in place by West Lindsey District Council to help combat this issue.

Widen My Path Initiative

An update has been received stating that 1km of cycle path at Danby Hills (Near Nettleham) is due to be improved during Summer 2021, including an increase to its minimum width to 1.8metres.

The cycleway between Scothern and Sudbrooke is due to be inspected in the coming weeks where it is hoped that siding can take place to reveal the full width of the surface already there.

WE NEED YOU!!!!!!!!

The Parish Council currently has 2 vacant seats that need filling and can be done so at the next meeting via co-option ie, Councillors can vote you onto the Councils without a need for an election.  If you take an interest in the village you live in and would like to help the Council maintain and improve it, why not join us?  There are very little reasons as to why you should not, any time that you can give would be appreciated by all.  Clerk Contact Details

The Clerk can be contacted on 01673 862738 or via email at scothernpc@yahoo.co.uk.

Next full council meeting – Wednesday 10th February 2021 at 7.30pm.  At present, this meeting will be held remotely, unless further guidance from Government dictates otherwise.

Parish Council Agenda and Minutes – available from the village website : https://scothern.parish.lincolnshire.gov.uk/ and from the Parish Clerk.

Parish website/news items – any information/articles for the website should be emailed to scothernpc@yahoo.co.uk